Tuesday, June 30, 2015


When you decided to serve coffee in your shop, you looked online and found someone that would supply the machines for free just for committing to buy their coffee for the foreseeable future. That sounded great, right? You don’t have to pay for a machine that might cost hundreds of dollars.
What is that convenience really costing you?
When they told you that the coffee grinder, maker, and/or espresso machine was free, did they tell you how much more the coffee itself would cost? Did they explain to you that each kilogram of coffee would cost you up to $17 more than if 
The Not-So-Great Coffee Machine Deal
you got it from another company?
You see, the way your old coffee company makes their money is to give you the machines and over-charge you for every bag of coffee beans you purchase. Consider this: If you sell 10 kilograms of coffee per month and they charge you $17 extra per kilogram, that’s $170 per month you didn’t need to pay. $2040 per year that you are giving them just for not having to purchase machines! And the more coffee you sell, the more money you give them.
A Better Plan
Rather than giving your coffee company the money for machines and then some, why not buy the machines and pocket the cash you will save in the long run?
Come to Zanzibar
The Food Wholesalers can supply you with top quality Zanzibar Coffee for as little as $19.80 per kilogram. Zanzibar Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee beans delivered to you super fresh. Our coffee is an exclusive blend of South American, Central American, and Ethiopian beans. Smooth and well-balanced, Zanzibar has none of the charred, over-roasted taste that many commercial coffees have.
We are able to ship our beans to you within 48 hours of roasting, because The Food Wholesalers is one of Australia’s premier coffee purveyors. And shipping is free on 5 kg orders.
Stop Paying Again and Again
In this case, that great deal isn’t so great. We encourage you to purchase your machines and then come to us your coffee bean needs.
We can provide you with:
  • üExceptional quality
  • üFast, free delivery
  • üFresh coffee less than 48 hours after roasting
  • üExcellent customer service
Contact The Food Wholesalers if you have any questions or to place an order. Let us help you save thousands each year, one coffee bean order at a time.

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